Currently: Working with composer Aaron Meicht on a concept album to accompany the 2017 production of my play T.B. SHEETS & reading 200 books in 2019.

October 2018: monologues from my play Nightmares: a demonstration of the sublime were recently published in “Contemporary Monologues for a New Theater”, on sale at Amazon.

September 2018: I held an informal reading of my new play What it is to be the lake at The Tank featuring Joshua Gelb, Alex Haynes, Yuki Kawahisa, Lori Parquet, Colleen O’Neill, Xavier Rice, Tina Shepard, & Asa Wember.

May-June 2018: I was in residence at the Jentel Foundation in Banner, Wyoming, finishing a first draft of What it is to be the lake and (the eroding division between) the upper & lower prairie.

January 2018: My play Holidays In / Coyote premiered at The Tank as part of the Exponential Festival in NYC, under the direction of Jess Chayes with choreography by lisa nevada. The cast featured Jayne Houdyshell, Sam Gonzales, Lani Fu, Kate Schroeder, Manny Rivera, Richard Thieriot, and Ben Beckley, with design by David Pym, Emma Rivera & Asa Wember.





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