As of March 2022, I am the Executive Director of the Beaver Institute  where I work at the intersection of wetland and beaver restoration, providing technical and financial assistance to public and private landowners to mitigate and navigate human-beaver conflicts, supporting scientific research, training professional mitigation, and increasing public awareness and appreciation of the beaver’s critical role in creating climate resilient ecosystems. 

In October 2022 I was featured on the On Wildlife podcast where I talk at length about the benefits of beavers, climate resilience, how fear of nature leads to hatred of nature, and the gentle revolution each of us can have in our relationship to all living things.


I started writing book reviews on Instagram in summer 2020. This is currently my only ongoing public creative project and I’ve compiled the reviews here.

Throughout 2019, composer Aaron Meicht and I recorded the album T.B. Sheets to accompany the 2017 production by Buran Theatre. We are incredibly proud of the result. Listen to the album here.

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