PRODUCTIONS (unless noted, served as writer)

Holidays In / Coyote (directed by Jess Chayes) The Tank/Exponential Festival, January 2018. New York, NY.

T.B. SHEETS (co-directed by lisa nevada, original score by Broken Chord) A.R.T/NY’s Gural Theatre, May 2017. New York, NY. Produced by The Tank (Flint & Tinder Series)

The Dolly Dali Show (musical direction by Casey Mraz) Art Bar, December 2016. Kansas City, MO // The FunHouse Lounge, December 2016. Portland, OR. // Tricklock Performance Lab, December 2016. Albuquerque, NM. // The Duplex, January 2017. NYC // El Cid, February 2017. Los Angles, CA. // 368 Ponce, February 2017. Atlanta, GA.

Poshlost Saudades! (co-directed by Sarah Matusek) Ars Nova, June 2016. New York, NY. // Dixon Place, December 2014. New York, NY.

The Keep (co-written & co-directed w/ Claudia Heu) Tricklock Company/Cabula 6, October 2015. Albuquerque, NM.

Mammoth (co-directed w/ Anne Cecelia Haney) The Brick, May 2015. Brooklyn, NY // Highways Performance Space, November 2015. Los Angeles, CA // Tricklock Company, December 2015. Albuquerque, NM.

Erik Satie / If I told him / Erik Satie (text by Gertrude Stein, co-directed w/ Anne Cecelia Haney) The Bushwick Starr w/ Target Margin Theater, January 2015. Brooklyn, NY

Magic Bullets Incubator Arts Project, May 2014. New York, NY.

Nightmares: A Demonstration of the Sublime The Brick, January & October 2013. Brooklyn, NY. // William Inge Theatre (University of Kansas), May 2013. Lawrence, KS. // Tricklock Company, June 2013. Albuquerque, NM. // Studio/Stage Theater, July 2013. Los Angeles, CA. // Marigny Opera House, November 2013. New Orleans, LA.

For Loins & Roots (written w/ Sarah Graalman) Dixon Place, February 2013. New York, NY.

The House of Fitzcarraldo (written w/ Buran Theatre) The Brick, March 2012. Brooklyn, NY // Las Vegas Little Theater, January 2013. Las Vegas, NV. // Tricklock’s Revolutions International Theatre Festival, January 2012. Albuquerque, NM. // Helen Hocker Theater, January 2012. Topeka, KS. // Unicorn Theater, July 2010. Kansas City, MO.

Vortex (lighting designer) written & directed by Papo Colo, Exit Art, August 2011. New York, NY

The Suicide Song (written w/ Casey Mraz) Vortex Theater, May 2011. Albuququerque, NM.

A Chronicle of Wasted Time Dixon Place, March 2011. New York, NY.

Field 309 (assistant director) written & directed by Theresa Buchheister, Incubator Arts Project, September 2010. New York, NY.

The Canary directed by Alicia Gian. Vilnius Chamber Theater, May 2010. Vilnius, LT.

The Cotton Plantation (director/lighting design) written by Casey Mraz, Theatre X, May 2010. Albuquerque, NM.

Money Buckets! Metropolitan Ensemble Theater, July 2009. Kansas City, MO.

Meile be Ackento directed by Alicia Gian. Vilnius Chamber Theater, May 2009. Vilnius, LT.

Prelude; Shores of Lake Michigan directed by Christopher Reed. Helen Hocker Theater, September 2009. Topeka, KS. // Dixon Place, September 2008. New York, NY.

The Death of Romance directed by Susanne Kepley. William Inge Theater, November 2007. Lawrence, KS.


The Playwrights’ Center Jerome Fellowship 2019/20, finalist, Holidays In / Coyote.

The Eugene O’Neill Center Playwrights Conference 2019, semi-finalist, Tornado Drill in the Monkey House.

Jentel Fellowship, residency awarded to develop new work. Banner, Wy. May-June 2018.

The Lark Jerome Fellowship 2018-19, finalist, Tornado Drill in the Monkey House.

Lake Tofte Emerging Artist Residency, to continue development on HOLIDAYS IN/ COYOTE with director Jess Chayes. Ely, MN. June 2017.

Puffin Foundation, awarded to support original work T.B. SHEETS.

The Freight Project Residency, to develop new theatre work. August 2015; Cambridge, NY.

Nancy Quinn Fund Award, supporting the theatre work of Buran Theatre. April 2015; New York, NY.

ART/NY Creative Space Residency, for development & rehearsals for Buran Theatre’s Mammoth. January-June 2015; New York, NY.

Mental Insight Foundation Award, for work with Buran Theatre. 2015-2019; New York, NY.

Tobin Fund for Theatre Arts Award, awarded to Buran Theatre to support innovative design for Magic Bullets (2014) and TB SHEETS / WATCH US DISAPPEAR (2016) ; San Antonio, TX.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Manhattan Community Arts Fund,  awarded for the production of Magic Bullets, April 2014; New York, NY. Awarded for production of TB SHEETS / WATCH US DISAPPEAR, March 2016; New York, NY.

Chashama Performance Residency, for the development of Mammoth: A De-Extinction Love Story, August-September 2014; New York, NY

New York Innovative Theatre Awards Nominee, Magic Bullets nominated for Outsanding Ensemble and Outstanding Performance Art Production, July 2014; New York, NY

HB Studio Performance Project Residency, for development of Magic Bullets, February-April 2014; New York, NY.

Incubator Arts Project, Artist in Residence, August 2013-May 2014; New York, NY.

Tricklock Company, Development Residency, for development of Magic Bullets, June 2013; Albuquerque, NM.

LaMaMa Playwriting Institute, July 2007, with Lisa Kron; Spoleto, Italy.

MET Ensemble’s Playwriting Intensive, August 2006 & August 2007, with Arthur Kopit; Kansas City, MO.


University of New Mexico, August 2009-May 2010 Graduate studies in Dramatic Writing; Albuquerque, NM. Studied under Elaine Avila (playwriting), Kirk Ellis (screenwriting), and Matthew McDuffie (screenwriting).

University of Kansas, January 2005-May 2008 B.A. Theatre and Film with Honors; Lawrence, KS.  Studied under Henry Bial (performance studies), Iris Fischer (performance studies), Ron Willis (playwriting), and Jack Wright (acting/directing).