Pictured: Ben Beckley in workshops at Lake Tofte residency

Workshop showing at University Settlement / / April 2017

Lake Tofte Residency // June 2017

To premiere in NYC spring/summer 2018

Creators: Jess Chayes (director), Adam R. Burnett (playwright), lisa nevada (choreographer), David Pym (videographer/projections), Kate Schroeder (performer), Ben Beckley (performer), Ethan Gould (design/puppetry).

In the middlest part of the country, where quiet and subtle magic occurs, a family checks into a Holidome. An official and unofficial man drink at the bar. A lone child plays the arcade. The swimming pool licks itself. Front desk checks in. A coyote roams the premises. And a glacier waits for a passing elder.

This fantastical new play re-remembers the yesteryear delight of vacations, our childhood escapes, our adult dreams, and the legends buried in all our structures.