*a geological, indigenous history of north-east Kansas as dreamt by the Topeka Holidome on 6th & Fairlawn, spring 1989

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Pictured: Ben Beckley in workshops at Lake Tofte residency



as part of the Exponential Festival

Jess Chayes (director), Adam R. Burnett (playwright), lisa nevada (choreographer), David Pym (videographer/projections), Kate Schroeder (performer), Lani Fu (performer) Ethan Gould (design/puppetry),  Manny Rivera (Arcade Kid/Stage Manager), Emma Rivera (lighting), Asa Wember (sound), Drew Lewis (performer), Sam Gonzalez (performer), and Jess Cummings (Assistant Director/Production Manager).

An official and unofficial fellow drink at the bar. A lone child plays the arcade. The swimming pool licks itself. Front desk checks in. A coyote roams the premises. And a glacier waits for a passing elder.

Set in a Holiday Inn Holidome – a brand of the franchise that proliferated the United States in the 1970’s & 80’s as a resort-like setting for the middle class – and in the middlest part of the country, where quiet and subtle magic occur, a family checks in to escape their home, six blocks away. Over the course of the evening the family encounters a cast of characters, all of whom are searching for escape and the thrill of new discoveries. As the hotels non-human inhabitant’s come to life, the narrative is overtaken by the surrounding landscape, and the forgotten geological, ecological and indigenous histories of the Great Plains come into sharp focus for the hotel’s guests.

Bringing disparate collaborators together from the fields of dance, puppetry, theater, video and music, we have created an otherworldly stage of objects reflecting and projecting back upon their human beholders, and reclaiming a natural history that is earth-based. Our national historic mode of storytelling has been consumed with the language and perspective of white supremacy; through this production we intend to gently and lovingly develop a conduit for conversations regarding a revision of these narratives. The overall artistic and social goal is to focus our lens, and by proxy the audience’s lens, placing non-white perspectives at the center, this includes indigenous histories, but also consideration of natural resources and animals – essentially an earth-based narrative.


Workshop showing at University Settlement / / April 2017

Lake Tofte Residency // June 2017