Distillations…Poshlost (Russian), from Vladimir Nabokov, “Corny trash, vulgar cliches, Philistinism in all its phases, imitations of imitations, bogus profundities, crude, moronic, and dishonest psuedo-literature.” Saudades (Portuguese), a longing for what never was & can never be.


On the eve of the closing of a once-great ballet school: a dancer yearns for the past, a young girl celebrates her Quinceanera, songs are sung, a doctor tells misty-eyed tales of an old lover, a cat dies, a videographer with hidden motives captures it all.

Suddenly, a disruption:  a young man arrives, escaped from jail, to claim his sister as his one true love.

The guests of the celebration wax and wane their love for each other – all of which are mutually exclusive – as they attempt to recreate Sergei Prokofiev’s bombastic ballet Romeo & Juliet, re-imagined as a Dixie-Land jazz ballad.

ends in chaos.jpg

Performed at Ars Nova (NYC) on June 27, 2016  at Ars Nova featuring Matthew Bovee, Robert Honeywell, Donna Jewell, Yuki Kawahisa, Jud Knudsen, Sarah Matusek, Geraldo Mercado, Daniel Nelson, Kate Schroeder & Tina Shepard.

Written & directed by Adam R. Burnett

Choreography/associate direction by Sarah Matusek

Original music by Maria Dessena & Casey Mraz

Romeo & Juliet score by Sergei Prokofiev

Past performance: December 13, 2014 @ Dixon Place


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