Magic Bullets


Incubator Arts Project // NYC // May 2-11, 2014

Written by Adam R. Burnett Directed by Adam R. Burnett & Jud Knudsen Assistant directed by Abigail Blueher Music by Casey Mraz Lyrics by Adam R. Burnett, Catfox and Casey Mraz Scenic and light design by Nicholas Kostner Costume design by Jennifer Stimple Kamei Choreography by Donna Jewell Props and Juice mastering by Abigail Blueher Sound collages by CS Luxem Technical direction by Taylor Riccio Additional collaboration by Geraldo Mercado, Anastasia Olowin, Erin Phillips-Mraz, and Davey Rogulich

Performed by Caitlin Bebb, Donna Jewell, Jud Knudsen, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Erin Mallon, Michael McKim, Kate Schroeder, and Mari Yamamoto


How do you know you are unwell? How do you know you are better? Is wellness a journey to a new place? Or a return to where you’ve already been? Can you save yourself by coupling with an other?  Wait. What are you doing and how did you get here?



Mari Yamamoto, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Jud Knudsen, Caitlin Bebb, Erin Mallon and Kate Schroeder


(Left to right, top to bottom): Michael McKim, Caitlin Bebb, Kate Schroeder, Mari Yamamoto, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Erin Mallon & Jud Knudsen


Donna Jewell.


“I have never seen anything quite like Magic Bullets. …we listen fully because it is so utterly engaging and surprising. How rare it is to be able to tune out all of the other clutter in your head – the constant stream of thoughts – and just focus on something outside of yourself.” – Julie Congress, NYTheater Now

“With Magic Bullets, Buran isn’t talking about the sublime in the context of art or nature anymore; they’re talking about it in the immediate context of our everyday lives, where we often pull the ropes of steamboats we cannot see.” – Mitch Montgomery, Surreal Time Press

“…carried by its strong performances, Magic Bullets explodes on the stage.” – Gina Femia, New York Theatre Review

“I can’t stop raving about it!” – John Fugelsang

“Buran Theatre’s Magic Bullets hit nearly every single one of my theatrical pleasure points. There is dancing, gorgeous language, much discussion of death, emotional violence, glorious slapstick, an all-lady, all-rocking band, and, at the end, a stage that is a complete and unholy mess. You should go see it.” – Moira Stone, audience member

“I’ve seen about 75 productions this season and this one was the most thrilling. It is about us today and the things we dwell on and concern ourselves about and this show uses our inner most thoughts and short conversations to reveal a world of high anxiety that makes such an immediate impact on us in the audience that we, or at least I, felt completely exposed, vulnerable, and finally revived…The actors are terrific, the script penetrating, and the direction flawless…” – Larry Loonin, audience member.