10336819_10152363261220256_2199726712605783490_nMagic Bullets Indie Theater Now

MAGIC BULLETS is an evening-length performance work with music and dance that entertained a trip through “wellness.” How do you know you are unwell? How do you know you are better? Is wellness a journey to a new place? Or a return to where you’ve already been? Can you save yourself by coupling with an other? What are you doing and how did you get here?

The death of Romance 4

The Death of RomanceIndie Theater Now

In the wake of her father’s death, a romance novelist faces mortality and decides to kill off the characters from her successful series against their will.

cropped-1506210_10152077196515256_243478485_o5.jpgNightmares: a Demonstration of the SublimeIndie Theater Now

“Nightmares” situates itself between terror and comedy (the sublime), beneath the gaze of Henry Fuseli’s iconic painting, and in the midst of an enveloping soundscape to plumb the extremities of our contemporary condition and posit the question: are we still capable of being overwhelmed? Initiating at the birth of the modern sublime-the summer of 1816, when literary heavyweights Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Jon Polidori convened on Lake Geneva to create their literary shapeshifters, namely Frankenstein’s Monster and the Vampyr-the performance takes on the overwhelming anxiety of confronting nature and ourselves in the 21st century, an era that seemingly reaches for zeros.

photo4Money Buckets!Indie Theater Now

Using the structure of a “lost & found” Marx Brother’s script from their MGM years, the performance takes on social & economic inequality in America and the possibility for an apolitical future. Groucho takes on the role of Franklin Ruse-velt to bring America back to greatness through unwarranted imperialism and economic inflation; Harpo & Chico join as The Departments of the Interior & Exterior; Margaret Dumont as the First Lady.

Fitzcarraldo_BuranThe House of FitzcarraldoIndie Theater Now

This zany and queer musical assaults a chaotic vision of the collaboration between Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski as they attempt to pull a steamship up and over a mountain in the jungles of Peru.


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