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jumping the shark (in development, 2019) – a shoreline play. On Memorial Day 2019 as snow falls on the Grand Canyon, 400 miles away, south of Los Angeles, a homeless man saves a shark caught in the sand and the LAPD destroys a tent city due to “homeless infested territories.”  A retelling of recent history in attempts to not forget, to not jump the shark.

dreams of the last bison (in development, 2019) – a high plains play

What it is to be the lake (2018) – a lake play

(the eroding division between) the upper & lower prairie (2018) – a badland play

Tornado Drill in the Monkey House (2017)

Holidays In / Coyote (2017) – a plains play

T.B. Sheets (2016)

Mammoth (2015)

Poshlost Saudades! (2014)

Magic Bullets (2014)

Nightmares: a demonstration of the sublime (2013)

The House of Fitzcarraldo (2012), co-written with Buran Theatre

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Prelude; Shores of Lake Michigan (2008)

The Death of Romance  (2007)