Composed in gulfs of glacial silence, two mammoth tusk-hunters navigate modern romance in a landscape irrevocably altered by their presence.  MAMMOTH is a poetic and comedic “paleo-fable” that meditates upon why we destroy what we love and, once vanished, what compels us to revive what we’ve lost.

Los Angeles @ Highways Performance Space November 20 + 21
featuring performances by Sasha Ali, Megan Branch, Laurel Butler, Lara Thomas Ducey, Lise Hart, Smaranda Luna, Lisa Maley, and Elisa Noemi.

Albuquerque @ Tricklock Performance Space, December 11+12
featuring performances by Barbara Geary, Juli Hendren Donna Jewell, Marya Jones, Elsa Menendez, Lisa Nevada, Lauren Poole, and Rachael Shapiro,

Premiered at The Brick in Brooklyn, May 7-23, 2015, featuring performances by Starr Busby, Kristine Haruna Lee, Erin Mallon, Michael McKim, and Tina Shepard. Written by Adam R. Burnett, directed by Burnett & Anne Cecelia Haney, with original sound & music by Casey Mraz; scenic & lighting design by Nicholas Kostner, costume design by Jennifer Stimple Kamei, puppetry design by Mindy Leanse, and production stage management by Daniel Nelson

_DSC0202Mammoth, even more so than Buran’s previous work, with its loose narrative and clean, uncluttered language, leaves the audience plenty of air for cerebral exploration and open emotional investigation. […] Mammoth is an impressive and courageous addition to their body of work.” – Katy Einerson, Culturebot

“Adam R. Burnett’s trippy paleo fable contains lovely ingredients: an allusive structure that ignores causality, a strong cast adding spice.” – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

_DSC0248Mammoths ambitions are, like their namesake, epic—larger, perhaps, than our modern imaginations can easily grapple with. For that, Burnett and his creative team deserve our praise.” – Olivia Jane Smith, New York Theater Review

“…the whole show […] goes to great pains to insist it is about one thing but is actually about another. […] It’s about the way we love and how that way can sometimes be broken. It’s about the things we all live with. Regret. Feelings of inadequacy. Our hearts are not broken, as the Lover says at one point, they are incapable.[…] It isn’t only show about mammoths. It’s a show about me. And you.”– Mitch Montgomery, Surreal Time Press loved

Production supported by the Mental Insight Foundation and The Nancy Quinn Fund, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York. Subsidized studio space provided by the A.R.T./New York Creative Space Grant, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The development of MAMMOTH was made possible by Chashama’s Summer Performance Residency and The Donna Jewell Writing Residency.