Brady Blevins, Marlowe Holden, Lara Thomas Ducey, Arla Berman, Curry Whitmire & Caitlin Bebb

Written by Adam R. Burnett Directed by Theresa Buchheister, Adam R. Burnett & Jud Knudsen Designed by Nick Kostner Music by CS Luxem & Casey Mraz Projections by Geraldo Mercado

National Tour 2013: January 2-12 2013 | The Brick  – Brooklyn // May 24-25, 2013 | William Inge Theater – Lawrence, KS // June 8-9, 2013 | Tricklock Performance Lab – Albuquerque // July 5-6, 2013 |  Studio/Stage Theater – Los Angeles // October 17-19, 2013 | The Brick – Brooklyn // November 19-24, 2013 | Marigny Opera House – New Orleans

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Nightmares on tour

Christy Artzer & Cast (Lawrence, KS version)


Geraldo Mercado & cast (Brooklyn Version)


Adam R. Burnett, Marlowe Holden & Jud Knudsen (Brooklyn version)

“…tremendous scope…[an] expressionistic critical mass…Vehemently defying categorization, NIGHTMARES: a demonstration of the Sublime is, in a word, overwhelming. Critic’s score: A.” – Mitch Montgomery, Backstage Magazine

NIGHTMARES is chaotic, anarchic, and fully demanding of its audience’s engagement. It is also enormously fun, and funny; with a serious—profound, even—sense of purpose and vision that creeps up on you slowly and then jolts you to attention with its sudden immediacy and clarity.” – Martin Denton,

NIGHTMARES will wake you up.” – Tabitha Vidaurri, Brooklyn Exposed

“Every time we are introduced to a place or character it seems to change or disappear and, like peek-a-boo, reappear. Or. Not. … The cascade of lazzis eludes whatever narrative impulses we still have, leaving us in a dream-like free fall. ” Max Cramer, Culturebot

“It’s one of the most successful ensemble theatre pieces I’ve seen in a while, one that is completely accessible without talking down to its audience or becoming completely isolating. It is a true theatrical conversation about art; witty, humorous and startling in its honesty.” – Gina Femia, New York Theater Review

“…a wild fragmented rumination on ‘authorial intention,’ the power of the imagination (or maybe the dwindling of the power of the imagination in the modern world), and the ‘anxiety of influence’… ” – Larryville Chronicles

“More than just a one-night stand, Nightmares proves to be an enjoyable and lasting cure for academic ennui. The choreography is incredibly animated, spilling past the stage without diluting into its audience. Like a good lover, Nightmares brings you along for the good time but maintains its boundaries, leaving a few frontiers yet unexplored. Pushing the audience to lift the veil of dogma, it presents the world just a little anew, ripe for examination.” – Cheryl Castjohn, NOLA Defender